Nestled in the colonial Baja town of Todos Santos, the historic Todos Santos Inn now hosts personalized Spanish language programs. Taught utilizing the Bertlitz language method, participants will learn Spanish whilst experiencing the unique sights and sounds of this tranquil oasis town. The survival program will teach you the basic words and phrases most often used during travel to Spanish speaking destinations. Utilizing the local shops, restaurants, and galleries, the language will come to life in a fun and interactive environment.

Led by certified Berlitz instructor Guillermo Bueron, a 20-year veteran of Spanish language instruction, small intimate classes of up to five participants will enjoy personalized hands-on guidance throughout the program. The program consists of two hours of instruction perday, Monday through Friday. Upon completions of the 10-hour program, participants should be able to: Ask directions, order in restaurants and cafes, bargain in the markets, and communicate with Spanish speaking people at a basic level.

Course Offerings: [list] [*]An enjoyable learning environment in historic Todos Santos [*]A unique learning experience utilizing the local shops, restaurants, and galleries [*]Personalized guidance in intimate groups of up to five people [*]Lodging at the historic Todos Santos Inn (subject to availability) [*]Intermediate and advanced programs upon request [*]One-on-one instruction available at additional cost [*]Additional hours available for $25/hour [/list]